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A range of services available to practitioners working in the Early Years in Yorkshire and The Humber.

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Support for Early Years settings in Yorkshire and The Humber

St Edmund’s Early Years Stronger Practice Hub is one of a number of Stronger Practice Hubs designated by the Department for Education (DfE) across England. Our main aim is to help pre-Reception Early Years settings adopt evidence-based practice improvements to address key Covid recovery issues, and build trusted networks for sharing effective practice. We will do this by:

  • Establishing local networks of settings to share knowledge and effective practice.
  • Proactively sharing information and advice on evidence-based approaches, for example, through newsletters, blogs, events and social media.
  • Acting as a point of contact for bespoke advice, and signposting to other funded support.
  • Working with the Education Endowment Foundation to select evidence-based programmes to fund and make available to settings

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Talk to us!

Not sure whether an offer is right for you or a staff member? Have you identified a need in your setting that you would like to discuss? Facing a challenge and don't know where to look for support?

You can request a call back from us, where you will receive guidance, advice and where relevant, be signposted to funded opportunities developed to enhance your practice. To book a call in with us, email to arrange a time that is convenient for you.

Specialist Learning Networks

Our Specialist Learning Networks provide the opportunity to meet other professionals with a shared interest in a specific area of learning, build professional relationships and participate in professional discussions, gain access to valuable resources, share ideas and learn about the latest trends and CPD opportunities.

They are delivered in a variety of ways at a variety of times, including face-to-face or virtual sessions. Some will have inspiring guest speakers, while others will have focused discussions.

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Leaders and emerging leaders

Our network welcomes those who are Leaders of Practice, Room Leaders, or Setting Leaders, working in the Early Years to come together to extend your learning and share practice with like-minded individuals.

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Outdoor Play and Learning

This network provides an opportunity to come together with others, to explore how to support children's development in the outdoors and playful approaches to learning.

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A half-termly virtual network meeting by Zoom. Hear about available opportunities from the Stronger Practice Hub, share challenges and celebrations with childminder colleagues and discuss your future needs.

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This network will bring together early years educators from across the sector to work supportively together, sharing the challenges and joys of working with children with SEND and their families. 

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Communication and Regulation

'Face watching' expert Keena Cummins will bring together Early Years educators from across the sector who recognise the importance of improving the communication and language skills of the children we care for.

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Visitor Sessions

Our Visitor Sessions provide an opportunity for you to spend time at another setting where you will:

  • Meet with other early years educators, share ideas and be inspired by the environment and one another
  • Take a tour and find out more about the ways others work and how they use resources and spaces inside and outside
  • Ask questions and engage in professional discussions to develop your practice

Choose from a range of settings (Special School / Childminder / PVI / Nursery School / Academy School Foundation Stage) and a range of days and times - we hope we have provided something to suit everyone.


Our webinars are designed to provide an opportunity to explore a topic, highlighted through our needs analysis, in depth. Delivered by, or in partnership with, the St Edmunds Stronger Practice Hub team, these sessions will include space to discuss and reflect on learning throughout. They will be available to re-watch, share at staff meetings, and we encourage you to use the opportunities given during the recording to pause and reflect with your team.

This webinar was delivered on 14 August 2023, by Andrea Layzell, National Lead of 50 Things to Do Before You're Five. This groundbreaking parental engagement initiative has been rolled out in all five local authorities in West Yorkshire and in many more places across the British Isles.
This webinar was delivered on 28 June, 2023, by Sian Hudson, Executive Headteacher of St Edmund's Nursery School, and Keena Cummins, a social communication, regulation and 'face watching' expert.

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Upcoming Events

Evidence Informed Professional Development Programmes

Comprehensive support for settings and practitioners to help them address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the youngest and most disadvantaged children.
TWiTCH is a professional development programme, developed by Sheffield Hallam University to promote high quality adult-child interactions in early years settings.

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01274 494898

Early Years Stronger Practice Hub, St Edmunds Nursery School and Children’s Centre, Washington St, Bradford, BD8 9QW

Oct 27, 2023, 9:00 AM
This year marks Aunty Ann's 40th year of being a registered childminder. She recounts how she came to find her career and her journey since.

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