Education Alliance for Life Chances: Our Four Priorities

The diverse organizations comprising the Education Alliance for Life Chances partnership have joined forces to establish a robust support system for Bradford's children and families.

Through this collaboration, the partnership aims to extend coordinated and comprehensive assistance to individuals impacted by multiple disadvantages. Join us as we embark on the journey of uniting for a brighter future for all.

Our Priorities
  1. Embracing Evidence-Based Education
    At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to evidence-based education. Using the research and development from the Centre for Applied Education Research (CAER), we’ll empower educational settings to implement evidence-backed approaches that dismantle barriers to learning. With every step forward, we're driven by research insights that not only target immediate challenges but also delve into the profound inequalities that blight the life chances and limit the social mobility of Bradford’s children and young people.
  2. Tailoring Solutions through Place-Based Approaches
    Recognizing the tapestry of challenges woven into diverse localities, we advocate for place-based solutions. These solutions are tailored, evidence-led and honed through collaborative partnerships that revolve around schools as dynamic community hubs. Our commitment to cradle-to-career (C2C) delivery under the 'Act Locally' banner bridges the gap between delivery and real-world experiences, fostering a community mandate for transformative change.
  3. Data-led and data-connected
    In the age of data, we champion the power of Connected Data. This innovative approach allows us to dissect the intricate web of family experiences across sectors. By advocating data sharing, we gain a panoramic view of challenges, enabling us to craft pragmatic, evidence-led solutions.
  4. Championing and Advocating for Bradford
    Our advocacy extends beyond methodology; it encompasses the story of Bradford. We share best practices derived from evidence-based education, place-based strategies, and connected data. By doing so, we offer a glimpse into our journey as we confront complex societal issues and entrenched inequalities. Through our advocacy, we aim to inspire others who grapple with the same problems that hinder the progress of our children.
Our Goals

Our 2040 vision is that all major organisations working with children and young people in Bradford will have a profoundly evidence-based approach to their service delivery. Bradford will be a model of multi-agency work which will see schools and early years settings enabling all children and young people to make the very best of their potential. EALC aims to see:

  1. All Bradford Schools are involved in some way with CAER Research and Development. This will establish an ‘education translation pipeline’ which will ensure promising scientific research is translated rapidly but safely into policy
  2. Successful interventions scaled from Bradford to see impact regionally and nationally
  3. Our locality-based ‘cradle to career’ model is established in communities across the Bradford District, using schools as anchor institutions 
  4. The publication of an annual State of the Nation report which describes the challenges facing Bradford, highlighting successes achieved in tackling inequality and improving social mobility.

As we forge ahead into a future defined by purposeful collaboration, evidence-led initiatives, and unwavering commitment, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can mould a brighter tomorrow for the children and young people of Bradford.


Photography by Simon Wiffen

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Kathryn Loftus
Director, Education Alliance for Life Chances

Formerly Programme Director for the Bradford Opportunity Area, Kathryn was born and educated in Bradford and has held a number of Local Authority management roles across Sheffield, Kirklees and Bradford. These roles included policy development, service delivery, and programme management, and in the last 10 years oversaw local authority organisational re-design, transformational service change and Children's Services Improvement.

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