Specialist Learning Network


“Authentic leadership is recognized from the honest, trusting, meaningful and values-driven relationships developed with colleagues.” Jillian Rodd, Leading Change in the Early Years, 2014


Are you the leader of a nursery or a playgroup? A leader of practice as a childminder or in an EYFS group setting? Are you looking for high-quality, evidence-informed professional development opportunities that will enhance your ability and knowledge about how young children learn? 

As part of St Edmund’s Early Years Stronger Practice Hub offers, we will be facilitating a Leaders and Emerging Leaders Specialist Learning Network.  

Our aim is to:

  • Provide discussion groups to build knowledge, reflect and review.
  • Engage with settings and practice leaders to ensure leaders recognise the opportunities the hub has to offer and encourage the value of this with their team's engagement.
  • Support setting leaders to discuss common problems and celebrate successes and share good practice.
  • To provide Professional Development Opportunities to extend knowledge and understanding.

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About your Specialist Learning Network leader...

Andrea Layzell
National Early Years Projects Lead, Bradford Birth to 19

Andrea is the National Early Years Project Lead for Bradford Birth to 19, the training and development arm of St Edmund's Nursery School and Children's Centre. She has worked in Early Years for over 30 years, including 20 years working for local authorities and as a consultant supporting practitioners.