What's an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with training.

Through an apprenticeship, a learner gains the technical knowledge, practical experience and wider skills and behaviours that they need for their immediate job and future career. Apprentices gain experience and learn in a variety of ways including formal off-the-job training, and the opportunity to practise new skills in a real work environment. They must be aged 16 or over (with no upper age limit) and can be new employees or current employees who wish to obtain formal qualifications.

20% off-the-job training is a compulsory component of an apprenticeship, defined as learning which is undertaken outside of the normal day-to-day working environment, for a minimum of 20% of the apprentice’s working hours. The apprentice must be employed by you for a period which is long enough for them to complete the apprenticeship successfully (including the EPA End Point Assessment).

Apprenticeships are funded up to 100% by the government, the maximum contribution for your setting will be 5% if you do not pay into the Apprenticeship Levy. More details about funding can be found on the Government website. 

Why employ an apprentice?

Apprentices are staff trained in partnership by us and you, who will work to your high standards.

To upskill your current team, enabling your valued members of staff to progress in their career and undertake new roles in your school or setting.

To grow your team, adding new members of staff at affordable rates. 

Apprentices gain up-to-date knowledge of current practice and often bring new ideas to the setting. Training up your own apprentice builds loyalty and helps staff retention.

Why our apprenticeships?

When employing an apprentice through us, you are playing an important role in developing high quality educators and sector leaders of the future.

Apprentices work as they learn, providing you with valuable team members who, working in partnership with us, you can train your way.

Our blended model of essential face to face training is complimented by online learning and is delivered by experts currently working in the education sector. Our apprentices will benefit from learning experiences in good and outstanding schools and settings, observing enthusiastic and knowledgeable practitioners as they work with children and young people. Our experienced tutor assessors visit learners regularly in your school or setting to review progress and support them through the programme. We will work in partnership with you, the employer, to ensure that you are confident to provide high quality mentoring and appropriate on the job training.

We will fully prepare your apprentices for their End Point Assessment and support them as necessary to develop their Maths and English competencies, giving them the best chance of success in gaining their full qualification.


Hire an apprentice

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