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Act Locally: Manningham and Girlington

In Manningham & Girlington, our convening partnership has prioritised mental health of female pupils and parents

The Manningham and Girlington convening partnership for Act Locally was created at our first meeting in June 2023. Schools, local policy makers, university researchers,  frontline professionals and residents came together to agree a priority for the Manningham and Girlington area - mental health of female pupils and parents. This provided a mandate for change from the community, which empowered members of the partnership to speak as one to local commissioners and decision makers, and to seek resources, permissions and support for change. You can read our statement of intent following from this session below. 



Our Collective Impact

The Act Locally programme in Manningham and Girlington uses a collective impact framework. Collective impact is when individuals from different organisations come together around a common agenda to solve a specific societal problem, leaving their organisational priorities at the door. It is based on the philosophy that that large scale social change comes from cross-sector coordination rather than the isolated intervention of individual organisations. Using a collective impact framework will enable long term system change by empowering local people to act on the issues affecting their community through mutually reinforcing activities coordinated through constant communication. 






Please view our key documents below

You can also download the High Level Summary and Statement of Intent for our Act Locally programme in Manningham and Girlington



Our next Act Locally Manningham and Girlington meetings are:


  • Tuesday 16th April 1.30pm - 3.30pm, Milan Centre
  • Wednesday 12th June 1.30pm - 3.30pm, location tba
  • Tuesday 24th September 1.30pm - 3.30pm, location tba

If you would like to attend please email