Aunty Ann: 40 years of Childminding

This year marks Aunty Ann's 40th year of being a registered childminder. She recounts how she came to find her career and her journey since.

I am now in my 40th year of being a registered childminder, that is two thirds of my life! I’ve always loved children and knew that childminding was the job for me. It also meant I could stay at home with my son.

My mum was a childminder, so I had a great role model, and my daughter, who worked alongside me for a number of years, has inherited our love of childcare and manages a nursery and big kids club.

To become registered, I attended a meeting at Bradford central Library, where I was given some information about childminding and completed a form for the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), now known as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). I then had a visit from a lovely lady who worked for social services to check that I was suitable to look after children.  She checked that I had safety measures in place such as fire guards, plug socket covers and safety gates. I became a registered childminder within a few months.

The social worker became a regular visitor in my home and would often just call in for a cuppa and catch up. It was so relaxed, my house from the day I was registered was like a home from home for the children, their families and visitors. I still, and always will, ensure that this remains the same.

Aunty Ann has worked with over 400 children in her 40 years as a childminder. 

A day childminding with Aunty Ann.

I absolutely love my job, looking after and seeing the children grow and learn, although the paperwork side of things has been challenging at times. I have been graded by OFSTED as an outstanding childminder for over 16 years, receiving my fourth outstanding in 2022, which I’m very proud of. I am also proud to say that, eight years ago, I was awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for Services to Children and Their Families, and I attended a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham palace, to celebrate receiving my medal. 

Throughout the years I have cared for over 400 children, and I now have children that I cared for bringing their own children to my setting. Children are welcome here from birth. The youngest child I have cared for was 8 days old when he first came to my setting, and the oldest left at 17 years old (but he still visits).

Although I do keep my businesses professional, my home is really a home-from-home for the children, and I will continue this until I retire. I recently turned sixty and as it is, I have no plans to give up anytime soon.

I am still in regular contact with a lot of the children, and their families, some of whom have become firm friends.

I am very grateful to all the families, friends and people I have met on my journey, as well as my own family, for their support. Everyone has been there for me in one way or another, they have all made a difference, just like I hope to do with the children I care for!


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Aunty Ann

Aunty Ann has been a registered childminder for 40 years.

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