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Primary PGCE

Our Primary PGCE is awarded by Sheffield Hallam University and carries 60 credits at level 7 ('Masters level'). You will study two modules and complete two assignments. Below are the details of the this years assignment (there may be changes, this is just for information).

Assignment 1:

You will focus on the way you use spoken interaction to support children's learning. You will reflect on the way in which you encourage talk for learning. Your understanding and critical reflection will be supported by readings from a range of sources.

You may choose to focus generally on deepening children's understanding and/or response through talk, or you may choose to focus on one of the following areas:

  • questioning
  • evaluating children’s learning
  • giving explanations
  • promoting autonomy
  • investigative work
  • facilitating problem-solving
  • stimulating creative responses
  • using role play to develop learning
  • addressing misconceptions
  • promoting talk within group work

There are four sections to this assignment (5000 words):

  • critiques of journal articles related to teacher/pupil spoken interaction, including at least one in your specialist subject/area

Part 2

  • reflective reviews of your use of talk based on records of your talk with children in your placement classroom

Part 3

  • a summary of what you have learned which draws together part 1 and part 2

Part 4

  • reference to the Teacher Standards

Assignment 2:

The second assignment will have two strands:

  • a pedagogic focus on the issue or aspect of teaching and learning that you addressed in your lesson study, activity and on the development of pedagogic practice in your setting
  • a focus on the processes involved in professional collaborative development activities and their effectiveness in developing professional practice in your setting.

Your final assessment for this will be in the form of a 20-minute viva voce which comprises an oral examination using questions that examine the assessment criteria.

There will be six taught days.

PGCE Course content

Key areas include:

  • child development for babies, toddlers and young children
  • the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • play in early childhood including outdoor play and the Forest Schools approach
  • working with families
  • safeguarding children
  • inclusion and diversity issues
  • early years policy
  • international perspectives
  • leadership
  • working across professional boundaries.

PGCE Assessment

Course work will be submitted throughout the year. It will be professionally focused and will include reflective writing, presentations and the development of an e-portfolio. Practice during placements will be observed and assessed.

There will be 4 taught days.


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