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Our Support Network

At Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT we understand how daunting it is to go into your placement school in the first week of the course. We pride ourselves on the nurturing and supportive way we work together with you to ensure you are successful in gaining your QTS (and PGCE).

Teaching Groups

Each of the teaching groups includes between 10 and 20 trainees. It is important the group size is large enough to encourage professional debate and discussion but small enough to enable everyone to feel included and valued. We believe this group size of like-minded trainees does this.

Tutor Groups

All Trainees have an identified tutor and are in a tutor group of about 6 or 7 other trainees. The groups have trainees from differing placement schools and age ranges. This enables differing experiences to be shared but also shared experiences to be identified.


All trainees have an identified mentor who is within the school you are placed at. Usually this is a one to one relationship. Mentors will have at least weekly meeting with you to review your progress towards the teaching standards and to action plan to ensure you can evidence your teaching practice. It is likely you will see the mentor informally most days and will be able to chat through any pressing issues with them.


Reps Network and Joint Working

The trainees have identified several reps for each of the teaching groups to work with managers of the SCITT to drive improvements to the course and the Trainee experience. The Reps meet and communicate through social media with the wider group of trainees to gain their views. SCITT Managers and the Reps then meet to action plan the identified improvements.

Some recent improvements have included:

  • additional requested training sessions added to the training schedule
  • reps opportunity to be involved in decision making by being invited to sit on the SCITT Management Group


Evaluating your learning to improve

Trainees have the opportunity to evaluate every training session, every week. The results of these evaluations are passed on to the trainers to inform improvements for future sessions.