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Midland Road is an outstanding Nursery School, childcare provision and children centre cluster lead.

The head teacher is highly experienced in Early Years pedagogy.

She writes and runs the training on:

  • Play based learning and the environment
  • Observation, assessment and planning

2014 Ofsted – outstanding

  • The quality of teaching has remained outstanding
  • Teachers provide very well-planned, stimulating and cohesive learning environments and activities which take into account children’s own ideas. Open-ended tasks provide challenge for the most able.
  • Adults are watchful of opportunities to extend learning with their questioning, as seen in our joint observations and your monitoring of teaching. This ensures that children learn exceptionally well
  • Adults model positive relationships and effective communication skilfully, which ensures that children learn how to communicate well quickly, including many who speak English as an additional language.
  • systems and procedures for assessing and checking on children’s progress are robust
  • Over time, children have consistently made outstanding progress from their various starting points. There has been a year-on-year rise in the proportion of children reaching age-related expectations.

Average – sized nursery school

Majority - of children are from minority ethnic backgrounds, largely of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage. An increasing number of children are from Eastern European families.

High proportion - of children are from families who speak English as an additional language.

Average - proportion of children who have special educational needs supported by Early Years school action