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It’s important that prospective trainees are equipped with the right information before booking and skills test, and bring with them the right documents when attending the skills test centres. Any candidates that do not follow the below process will be turned away, and may lose their first free attempt at taking the skills tests.

Support sessions for the Skills Tests

If you would like some support in either Maths or English prior to taking your Skills Test why not come to one of our Skills Test Support Sessions. There will be a number of sessions in both Maths and English from now until Summer 2019. For more details & to book onto the latest English or Maths session Click here.

Booking the skills tests:

Candidates can book their skills tests once they have submitted their application through UCAS Teacher Training. They can book in advance of this as long as an application is submitted before they attend the test centre.

Link to information about the numeracy test:

Link to information about the literacy test:

On these pages there is a link to practice tests on the right hand menu

What candidates need to bring:

Two forms of identification – a primary ID such as a passport, and a secondary ID this can be for example a debit card. More information can be found on the STA website. (


They will also need to bring proof of their teacher training application. The evidence that will be accepted are:

  • a welcome email from UCAS Teacher Training
  • correspondence from Bradford Birth to 19 TS/SCIIT
  • a copy of a completed UCAS Teacher Training application form
  • confirmation of, or an invitation to, an interview from Bradford Birth to 19 TS/SCIIT

For more information please visit: