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Jayne Franz

Current Workplace and Role

Tutor for Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT

Sometimes I do supply at Eldwick (Just odd days)

Specialist Area of Training including age groups and curriculum area

I was an Assistant Head at Eldwick Primary school until July 2016. I have taught for 27 years as a class teacher from Nursery to Year 5. I also taught Art to Year 6 pupils. I I was the mentor for trainee teachers for over 20 years and also worked with NQTs, RQTs and work experience pupils at Eldwick. I am really enjoying the tutor role as it is so closely linked to the mentor work I did for over 20 years. I find working with trainee teachers very rewarding.

Previous Work for BBt19 TSA


I was part of the ITT meeting group with the SCITT representing Eldwick Primary school. Two years ago I helped to write the training programme for the Arts for the SCITT trainees and last year I was involved in delivering the Arts training with all of the trainees both at Eldwick and also at Forster Academy.

SLE / LLE Designation? Or other nationally recognised awards or designations

I am an Art Specialist and have been involved in training other teachers in Arts courses run at Eldwick for about 15 years. I headed up the Arts team to secure the Platinum Artsmark award for Eldwick after having the Gold award for the past 12 years.

Own recent CPD


I have recently been involved in a coaching session with BB19 which I found interesting and believe there is a follow up session soon. Obviously while I was in my Assistant Head role I was involved in various management courses along with the Inset days we had with inspiring speakers.

Recent Clients

I have 6 trainees I am working with from BB19 and the schools they have been placed in. I do some supply at Eldwick Primary.





Teacher for 27 years teaching from Nursery to Year 5 as a class teacher. Mentor for over 20 years.

Involved in writing training programmes for BB19.

Delivering training to trainees and teachers from schools across Bradford. A tutor for BB19 since September 2016.