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About the network

Do you work with children between the ages of 2 and 4?
Do you have children in your setting who are struggling to communicate effectively?
Do you need strategies that work, growing children’s confidence and enabling their voices to be heard?

Join our Specialist Learning Network led by face-watching expert Keena Cummins. The network will bring together early years educators from across our region (Yorkshire and The Humber) and across the sector (Childminders, PVIs, Schools) that recognise the importance of improving the communication and regulation skills of the children we care for.

Communication and regulation specialist Keena Cummins will provide the expertise, whilst you, as like-minded practitioners, will support one another; sharing the challenges and successes of the journey, developing practice across settings and making a difference in young children's lives.
Join our Communication and Regulation Network, and receive video clips, useful resources and expert advice that we hope will inspire you, and enable you to develop your practice further.

As a member of the Network, be the first to receive your invitation to our regular online Network Events where Keena will share her expertise and encourage you to share yours! We aim to change practice and positively impact outcomes for your children in the crucial area of Communication and Language.

We understand the pressures that settings and individuals are under, so we are keeping sessions short (1 hour) and online for your convenience.
We are also offering an earlier (4-5) or later (7-8) session in the hope that you can make one of them. We will record as much of the session as possible to access Keena’s wisdom at your convenience.

There is no pressure to attend every session – just come when you can!
We will keep the lines of communication between us open. If you need support between sessions as you develop your practice with your children in your setting, we will contact Keena on your behalf so that she can respond to your questions and queries.

We will also encourage you to communicate with one another, as a Network, which will enable you to support and advise one another as you learn.
For those of you who prefer to be ultra-organised and get things booked in – here are the dates of the Communication and Regulation Network online sessions.
For those of you who are unable to commit at this point – do not worry, we will send you a separate invitation closer to the time which will enable you to join us as and when life allows!


Missed a network session? Find a series of recordings from previous sessions here! 

Communication & Regulation Session 1 

Communication & Regulation Session 2 

Communication & Regulation Session 3 

Communication & Regulation Session 4 

Stay informed

If you haven’t done so already – join the Regulation and Communication Network NOW!
Dip in when you can or come along every time – either way, we guarantee your practice will improve and your children and families will benefit!

About your Specialist Learning Network leader...
Keena Cummins Squjare.png

Keena Cummins
Speech and Language Therapist

Keena is an expert in working with practitioners and families to support the development of their children’s communication, confidence, wellbeing and self-regulation. She has over 20 years of experience as a Speech and Language Therapist and she is the pioneer of VERVE Child Interaction, which uses video to give every adult the opportunity to learn more about their child’s communication abilities and help their development.